Hello, My name is Halima M. Bashiru and I am what you would call the poster child for recreating traditional Ghanaian and western foods into healthy, halal, delicious and budget friendly meals. Halima’s Healthy Kitchen is all about creating, modifying and recreating or better said redefining traditional Ghanaian inspired recipes and ingredients by making them as healthy as possible, extremely halal and most of all delicious. All the recipes and meals are modified by me and in my own home kitchen.

I find a lot of pleasure and enjoyment in exploring different Ghanaian and African ingredients and healthily modifying different food cultures and in-cooperating them in my healthy way of cooking. Do check back and keep visiting my page for many more exciting, educative, healthy and delicious food journey together. I do appreciate you dropping by. Yo can follow me on instagram and face book as well at @halima’shealthykitchen

Be inspired and motivated to cook healthy, delicious dishes and meals that will smack   away your crave for unhealthy and store bought foods. Say A big “NO” to unhealthy bland meals.

Join me in my discoveries and learning, and you will never revisit unhealthy food in your life again


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